Thursday KC0TPS net

Tried checking into the KC0TPS repeater/Net from Blair & Sullivan Ave and got a choppy signal. Surprised I got one at all. Just over the hill from the repeater’s range. Net closed before I had success. They heard my attempt to check in, however, I caught bits and pieces of them saying the signal was noisy and I needed to increase the power. Using an HT at 4-5 watts, ducky antenna tonight. Ok, so looks like I’ll need to fab a J-pole and put it up on the roof. I suspect that will connect well on my 5 watt HT. No doubt a mobile rig and the J-pole would work. 

First ham disappointment

Every occupation and interest has its own lingo and custom. Amateur radio is no different. The disappointment, maybe discouragement I see are people truly friendly enough to say, ‘hey, let me help you’.  So far I’ve heard friendly voices on the air. Clubs, less so.  Even less so on some internet gathering places. The ham snobbery is terrible. You would think it’s wine connoisseurs discussing a ’68 Rothschild wine, except it’s about some and their lack of knowledge while using 20 meter. Whatever.

Thurs night nets

I couldn’t join up with the 2m net on 145.210 at 2000 hrs, so I stumbled across one on 70 cm on 443.475, a net out of Decatur, IL.

Might have chatted with these folks 3 weeks back.  Believe I had contact with KO0Z.

Skip a channel on the Baofeng UV-5R

Your UV-5R manual sucks, I know, as I tried using it too. The alternate manuals are better.

Trying to do a basic function like skipping a channel so it doesn’t blare at you?

Use the CHIRP software to program your UV-5R, then choose the “SKIP” drop down box to skip the channel.


I wanted to include the local NOAA weather station, but when scanning it will stop the scan since the station is in broadcast mode.