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Prepare a little yourself for Eclipse disaster #Eclipse2017 #Emergency #Preparedness #ARES

State governments and local emergency groups in the path of the upcoming eclipse have contingency in place for Eclipse 2017.

The concern is large groups of people gathered and the potential for a mass casualty situation. Think World Series and a lot of cops and ambulances being nearby. Except in this case you have lots of tourists and schoolchildren on field trips to catch the big event, not baseball or a state fair. They are scattered along the path of an astronomical anomaly, in smaller towns and odd places where they normally wouldn’t be.

There is potential to simply overwhelm local communications (cell towers) and ambulance service if an accident occurs. Or a whole string of accidents with a large crowd.

So local Red Cross, your town emergency manager in the eclipse path, and Ham radio groups, are on ‘stand-by’.

You never know, so their being prepared is just good discernment of the possibilities. Mini disasters are more likely. The elderly Japanese tourists expected by the bus load could end up dehydrated. The school kid that doesn’t wear the eclipse glasses right and ends up with an acute eye issue. Emergencies like that.

And then there is the possibility of stampede and resulting injury because the crowd in one of the towns getting spooked. Who knows?

If you go to a prime eclipse viewing spot be sure to take along water, bug spray. Things you’d take on a short hike or picnic. Oh, and the eclipse viewing glasses.  Prepare just a little yourself. You might get stuck with a crowd longer than you expect. Traffic alone in some spots will be bad.